Saturday, December 15, 2018

Snow, Sun, and Sandhill Cranes

Compliments AZGFD

This winter Paradise residents located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can have it all.  Snow and sun are understandable at this time of year but what about the ever popular Sandhill Cranes?  These birds migrate to southeastern Arizona in the winter time.  Now Paradise residents can watch their favorite friends through a live feed stream viewed at  Michigan’s Sandhill Cranes migrate to the Whitewater Draw in late October through March according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  They join other Sandhill Cranes from as far away as Siberia to winter in southeastern Arizona.

The best time to see the birds is a half hour before sunrise until up to a half hour afterwards, just before they leave the roost to feed for the morning.  They return to Whitewater Draw sometime before noon (about 2 PM Michigan Time) and typically remains at the wildlife area the reminder of the day as reported in the Economic Development Journal of Mohave County, December 2018 issue, p. 14. 

The live feed cameras are supported in part by public donations.  To view the live-streaming cameras or to find information on wildlife viewing, visit and click on “Wildlife Viewing.”  So while waiting for the snow to get deep enough and the temperatures to get cold enough for the perfect snowmobile ride, get a feel for Sandhill Cranes' winter home watching this video on youtube.

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